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Manolo for the Men! | Manolo for the Men

Manolo for the Men!

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends they have been asking the Manolo, “Manolo why do you not give the advice of the fashion for the mens?”

It is no secret that the Manolo he is obsessed with the shoes for the women, and so at the first the Manolo he was not in the favor of the idea. After the all, the Manolo his fashion tastes for the men they are restrained and classical, not peacocky and flamboyant like those of the mens who are obsessed with the GQ.

Yet the friends of the Manolo they persisted, “Manolo help us return dignity to the standards of male fashion,” they cried. And so the Manolo he has relented and will give the advice for the men.

Yes, the fashion for the men, it is not as exciting as the fashion for the women, but it is important none of the less, and so many of the men, they do it so badly that the Manolo he knows he can only help.

Manolo says, let the men’s fashion blogging begin!

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