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Clothes for the Times of Casualness | Manolo for the Men

Clothes for the Times of Casualness

Manolo says, in the blogging for the men thus far the Manolo he has taken the pains to talk about the man of seriousness and business. He has done this because he is ultimately the conservative with the regards to the dress for the man. Unless the man, he is one of those people who are born with the riches in his silver spoon, the man he must work for the living.

It is trite, but it is none of the less true, that the success she must be dressed for. Likewise, one must dress for the job that is desired, not just for the job that is held. This it is why the Manolo he has devoted the attention to the clothes for the man of business. However, the Manolo he will soon address the clothes for the times of casualness, in which the man, he is allowed the greater room for the creativity in the dress (although, even this it must be modified by the circumstances).

Manolo says, as you can see this necessity for the success, which requires the certain conformity, it is one of the reasons why the Manolo he has resisted giving the advice for the men. The clothes for the men, they are not as much of the fun.

Worry not friends of the Manolo, the discussion of the clothes and shoes for the times of casualness they are coming.

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