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More On the Links of the Cuff | Manolo for the Men

More On the Links of the Cuff

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the question about the links of the cuff.

Manolo, I own a number of super fantastic french cuff shirts and very nice – not flashy or outre – cufflinks, but I was under the impression that one was only to sport such hardware with a suit or sportscoat. Do super fantastic males break out the cufflinks without the coat?

Manolo says, this person, he understands the fashion for the man. Even with the coat of sports, the cufflinks they set the tone of formality and business, and because they call attention to the cuffs they should only be worn with the starched shirts of the high quality and jacket.

However, although the Manolo he believes that cufflink it should be worn with the jacket, it does not require the wearing of the tie, in the fact, for the business casual Friday, this rich cufflink from the Thomas Pink, with the shirt of the high quality and the blue blazer could be the perfect accessory.

Thomas Pink Shaded Oblong Cufflink

Manolo says, the Manolo he is the minimalist with the regards to the jewlery for the man. The man who wishes to be taken seriously he should eschew the ring for the pinkie and the chains of the gold. (There are the exceptions to this banning of the bling, which the Manolo he will discuss at the later time.) Because of this the cufflinks they are one of the few items of the jewlery that are acceptable for the man of business.

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