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June, 2005 | Manolo for the Men
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Prada Suit for the Summer

Prada Menswear Summer 2006

Manolo says, meanwhile, not everyone is obsessed with the low-rise jeans. Here is what the Manolo considers the highlight of the Miuccia Prada’s just revealed Spring/Summer 2006 Menswear collection.

This summer-weight suit, it has the lean cut that the Manolo favors. Pay no attention to the frivolous shirt that the model he is wearing, in the stead focus on the cut of the jacket. The pants, although perhaps the tad too long, are likewise good.

Above all the else, this suit it is wearable by ordinary men.

Low. Ri. Der. Ride a Little Lower

Plumber's crack guaranteed with every pair

Manolo says, at this point the low-rise jeans they have become ridiculous, and unwearable for any man who is not both emaciated and willing to endure ridicule from his peers.

At the least, the Dolce and the Gabbana they have enough belief in their fashion to wear their own creations, even if they are not particularly flattering or appropriate for the men of the middle age.

The Dolce and the Gabbana suffer the mid-life crisis