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June 30, 2006

The Businessman’s Tan

Filed under: Bad Fashion,Men's Fashion — Izzy @ 11:03 am

tie tan lines

At least when he sunburns, he’ll end up with a power tie.

Making the Flip-Flop Pain Stop

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For the longest time, it was torture for Izzy to wear cheap flip-flops when heading to the beach. The “thong” between his toes would jam and chafe, while his heel would ache from the lack of cushioning. One day, however, a friend introduced him to flip-flops made by Reef, a life-changing moment. Thanks to their soft uppers and anatomically correct, well-padded footbed, Izzy was suddenly delighted to walk miles and miles on the boardwalk in his flip-flops. He cannot commend them to you more strongly.

Reefs may not be cheap, but don’t forget the old saying: You’re only as happy as your feet.

June 29, 2006

Even More Eighteenth-Century Etro

Filed under: Bad Fashion,Men's Fashion — Izzy @ 12:28 pm

rock me Amadeus

Rock me Amadeus.

More Runway Piracy

Filed under: Bad Fashion,Men's Fashion — Izzy @ 12:20 pm

To its credit, in continuing its pirate theme, Etro was actually able to find a model whose face had been on the receiving end in a sword fight.

scarred pirate

Izzy might be losing his mind, but aren’t the tricorn hat and rainbow eye-patch not so bad in some weird way? Arrrg, me maties!

Pizza and Fashion Were Not Made for Each Other

Filed under: Bad Fashion,Doings of the Manolo,Men's Fashion — Izzy @ 12:04 pm

The Manolo thinks that the runway Pizza Boy was a bad idea during Fashion Week. Lord knows what he’d say if he had encountered the Pizza Pirate.

Pizza Pirate

June 28, 2006

The Side Tuck

Filed under: Bad Fashion,Men's Fashion,Swimwear — Izzy @ 11:47 am

It’s Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, and this number from Gianfranco Ferre helpfully reminds us why men do not wear bathing-suit bottoms designed for women.

The Side Tuck

June 27, 2006

The Manly Tote Bag, Part Deux

Filed under: Men's Fashion — Izzy @ 12:57 pm

Izzy has been taken some justified flack for claiming that certain tote bags were “manly.” Though he still thinks those bags weren’t feminine, he went too far in calling them manly.
After some digging, he has found a perhaps truly manly tote bag, which was originally designed to carry 50 pounds of coal. At least no one could accuse it of being pretty.

If that’s not manly enough for your tastes, you could always head to the beach with your belongings in one of these.

trash bag

Toe Fetish

Filed under: Doings of the Manolo,Men's Fashion,Shoes — Izzy @ 12:26 pm

The Manolo has kindly brought to his readers’ attention these shoes shaped like feet.

Izzy would like to offer a pair of socks to go with these wearable footprints.

toe socks

Apparently such toe socks are popular in Japan.

June 26, 2006

The Masculine Tote Bag

Filed under: Men's Fashion,Swimwear — Izzy @ 4:08 pm

It is a challenge for any man heading to the beach or pool to use a tote bag that doesn’t resemble an overgrown purse. Izzy is therefore pleased to have discovered these manly carry-alls from J. Crew, on sale for $49.50, no less.

June 23, 2006

Superman Then and Now

Filed under: Celebrity,Men's Fashion — Izzy @ 11:58 am

old supermannew superman

In anticipation of his new movie, Superman has subtly updated his look since the last time we saw him. Could the chic styles of Metropolis have finally rubbed off on the boy from Krypton via Smallville? Most obviously, he has decided to go with a smaller chest shield (now reproduced as his belt buckle) and a more muted red and yellow. Curiously, his belt loops now angle in the opposite direction, which means that they point to his, er, superpackage. He’s still wearing his underwear on the outside, but at least they’re no longer granny panties.

June 22, 2006

The Boateng Arrives at These Shores

Filed under: Men's Fashion — Izzy @ 12:53 pm

Ozwald Boateng

Tonight at 9 pm the Sundance channel airs the first episode of a series about Ghanian-born British men’s fashion designer Ozwald Boateng. Appropriately called House of Boateng, the show follows the self-taught self-described “bespoke couturier,” who has a penchant for classic Savile Row tailoring combined with bold colors, in his attempt to bring his label to America.

Reportedly, two weeks ago while accepting the Order of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace, he had the gumption to say to the Queen, “I want to make you a suit.”

Premium Blend

Filed under: Men's Fashion,Shirts — Izzy @ 12:08 pm

Having mulled over the issue, Izzy thinks that a reason so many American men are willing to wear short-sleeve dress shirts in the summer is that too few of them are aware of the amazing cooling properties of linen. Admittedly, linen can be expensive, and a 100% linen shirt might appear too wrinkly and casual for the office. The ideal solution is to don a dress shirt made of a linen/cotton blend, which doesn’t wrinkle or stretch as much. For some reason, though, these sort of shirts are hard to find.

After doing some digging, however, Izzy found these fine specimens at Brooks Brothers:

They may not be cheap, but would you place a price on not sweating?

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