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A Wale of a Good Time | Manolo for the Men

A Wale of a Good Time

Jos A Bank cords

As a wee lad, Izzy hated corduroy trousers because of the zip zip sound they made while walking. But as he got older, and wiser, he came to adore the fabric (which allegedly derives from the French corde du roi, or “the king’s cord”) and also discovered that wearing more closely fitting trousers would eliminate the noisome sound. But Izzy long felt alone in his infatuation with the warm and cuddly material. Now, however, there is finally a place to meet like-minded corduroyalists: the Corduroy Appreciation Club. Their motto? “All Wales Welcome.” (Izzy is not making this up.) The cozy club will be hosting their second annual meeting on 11|11 (guess why) in Brooklyn, New York. Izzy hopes to attend in full regalia. (Their first meeting was reported on by The New Yorker.)

The festivities will include keynote speaker author Jonathan Ames, corduroy-inspired art; and the Corduroy Awards, for which the nominees include actor Heath Ledger (Exemplary Usage of Corduroy in a Motion Picture: Brokeback Mountain), fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi (Exemplary Usage of Corduroy in Fashion), and British comedian Marcus Brigstocke (Exemplary Usage of Corduroy as a Comedic Channel). All attendees are strictly required to wear at least two items of corduroy, but of course the more items of the material, the better.

If you wish to attend, you need to purchase a ticket by November 1st.

3 Responses to “A Wale of a Good Time”

  1. Seth October 27, 2006 at 4:10 am #

    “wearing more closely fitting trousers would eliminate the noisome sound”


    I’m disappointed.

    Noisome means smelly.

    Aside from that, sounds like an elegant affair.

  2. Izzy October 27, 2006 at 11:07 am #

    Izzy is happy to have his loyal readers keep him on his toes, but according to his well-thumbed copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, current definitions of “noisome” include “annoying, troublesome” and “disagreeable, unpleasant, offensive,” as well as “offensive to the sense of smell; foul-smelling.” (In fact, the “noi” root in “noisome” is the same as the “noy” in “annoy.”)

    Warmly pedantic,