Disco Inferno in the Groin

JC Penny 1975 catalogue

Behold this page from the 1975 J.C. Penny catalog, which deserves to be seen fully blown up to get the full effect.  While it’s easy to knock disco-pimp fashion, whether it’s the butch decolletage or the high-waisted polyester trousers with crotches cut too close to home, at least the clogs benefitted the shorter manimal (like the model on the right).  As bad as these outfits are, truly beyond the pale are those cuffed bell-bottoms, something Izzy had never seen even in his worst disco nightmare.  The only way this advertisement could have been any worse were if it had been scratch-and-sniff.

2 Responses to “Disco Inferno in the Groin”

  1. Phyllis September 28, 2007 at 6:05 am #

    That type pf men’s trousers were known as “Sansa-Belt” I beleive.


  1. Yellow Peril » Manolo for the Men - November 13, 2007

    […] Francesca has drawn Izzy’s attention to a series of mind-boggling pages from J. C. Penny’s 1977 catalog.  He doesn’t quite know whether she deserves to be thanked or cursed.  Either way, it helped to confirm Izzy’s speculation that the seventies ruined the color yellow forever.  Also, why the heck is it ambiguous as to whose hand in the gentleman’s pocket?  It’s not as if J. C. Penny has ever aimed for the Bert and Ernie demographic. […]