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November 12, 2007

Sieg Wale!

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Corduroy Appreciation Club membership cardCorduroy Appreciation Club membership card - reverse

As promised, Izzy attended the Corduroy Appreciation Club’s 11|11 meeting yesterday in Brooklyn, and is delighted to report that he had an excellent time. The secret rites lived up to their reputation, the corduroy-themed foods were crunchy, and the crowd was simply drop-dead cord-geous. (Apologies…) Izzy had never seen so much ridged fustian in one place in his entire life. These people take their silliness extremely seriously.

Izzy was surprised to discover that there was an open bar (which, he imagines, would serve anything but a velvet hammer—that textile is anathema to the Club, which derides it as the fabric of Leprechauns), thanks to the sponsorship of the naturally supple people at Cotton Inc. (“The Fabric of Our Lives,” etc.), though Izzy couldn’t help remembering that corduroy can in fact be made from wool or cashmere, however rare that may be. (Random aside: Izzy doesn’t want to encourage any conspiracy theories, but doesn’t Cotton’s logo eerily resemble a mushroom cloud?)

Never one do things by halves, every visible item Izzy wore, except for his socks, was corduroy: a brown medium-wale sportcoat, an indigo pin-wale shirt, blue and green medium-wale Converse All-Stars, and outrageously pink medium-wale trousers (pictured in the background above). Izzy thought that the latter would be the piece de resistance, but he was, alas, one-upped by a gentleman in an entirely pink corduroy suit. Izzy consoled himself considering that although that gentleman may have won the day (and also the best-dressed prize), his suit was made in Vietnam (where the labor is cheap, and so is the workmanship), whereas Izzy’s trousers were made with the utmost care in Italy, and hence should last a lifetime. Also, while Izzy may have appeared to be merely ridiculous, that gentleman looked like the Pink Panther.

Among the best parts of the evening was the hilarious, arch homage to corduroy delivered by Lord Whimsy, who excels at mock erudition. Izzy even had the pleasure of (briefly) meeting him, as well as with Duncan Quinn, a rock-star haberdasher who was by far the sharpest-dressed gentleman in the room.

But of all the highlights, Izzy’s favorite was when he received his membership card, which is comfortingly backed with brown corduroy. All in all, the event deserves a hearty “Zip, Zip, Hooray.”


  1. DDCLAB has cashmere corduroy in their collection this season. Feels great.

    Comment by Ian — November 15, 2007 @ 10:45 am

  2. CASHMERE corduroy??? I so know men who deserve the comfort of cashmere corduroy.

    And may I take a moment here to say that I think corduroy truly is underappreciated as a casual fabric for both men and women. It offers a wide range of delicious colours, even for men; it is sturdy, yet sensual; comfortable, practical, and good-looking. Who would choose to wear khaki Dockers, if a well-cut corduroy trouser was offered? (Plus, I have an incurable weakness for a printed corduroy, overly influenced by medieval patterns.)

    I would love to see corduroy make its way into the office on casual days, instead of Those Awful Dockers.

    Comment by La BellaDonna — June 25, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

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