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Velvet Underfoot | Manolo for the Men

Velvet Underfoot

Christian Louboutin men’s pumps

Unlike The Manolo, Izzy can barely comprehend the mystifying, wonderful world of women’s shoes, but if he had to name his favorite designer for the female foot, it would have to be the fanciful Christian Louboutin.  Hence, Izzy was pleased to discover that the Frenchman has created at least one model  for gentleman.  Now, Izzy wouldn’t actually advise wearing these velvet opera pumps—which are best left to Cinderella’s footmen—but he is happy that they exist.

3 Responses to “Velvet Underfoot”

  1. Joe in ATL September 14, 2008 at 2:56 pm #

    The Manolo may forget that he has previously endorsed the wearing of the opera pump as the only correct shoe for wear with the tuxedo. As an owner of said opera pumps, I am delighted to have shoes that both cannot be worn with anything BUT the tuxedo, and at the same time are mistaken by the unwashed as girl’s shoes. Little girl’s shoes. Pappagallos.

    Due to the current trend of velvet slippers in lieu of actual pumps as acceptable formal shoe wear, I would expect that the Louboutin pumps will be wonderfully appropriate for tuxedo wear.

  2. Ferrando September 15, 2008 at 7:02 pm #

    Thanks to the Manolo, I went straight to the Vive site and snapped up a pair, with a wave of my Amex standing in for a fairy godmother (or father). As someone who has worn evening pumps since acquiring my first dinner jacket decades ago, I think this pair will be a great additon to my unnecessairily extensive collection of formal footwear.