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Prozac on Your Feet | Manolo for the Men

Prozac on Your Feet


From the delightfully named Happy Socks come, well, socks that will cheer up anyone’s mood. The huge selection includes bold argyle socks, which are perfect for your inner harlequin (romantic or not), and “high heel” socks that make for a fun surprise. The company is based in Sweden, and its socks are, happily, Ikea-priced at $10 each.

2 Responses to “Prozac on Your Feet”

  1. Nick from Giblees December 2, 2008 at 2:29 pm #

    Wow great find they totally remind me of Duchamp socks just for 1/3 the price. Have you worn a pair yet? How do they fit? low mid-calf or a decent hight mid-calf?