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Nano puff hoody | Manolo for the Men

Nano puff hoody

Into Manhattan’s pre-dawn darkness – heavy weather accelerating across the Hudson –Mr. Henry remains steadfast in purpose. Each morning unflinchingly he leads his noble hound Pepper into Riverside park for her hour-long, off-leash walk. Storms do not deter him. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor gloom of night will stay him from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

On a westward descent to the water’s edge, cold wind piercing his vitals, what does Mr. Henry wear to protect himself against a savage onslaught from wildest New Jersey?

In past years he layered up with wool or fleece under a windbreaker. With today’s choices of fabrics, layering still remains the best strategy, but wool and fleece can be bulky and bunchy. Mr. Henry wants maximum protection without dressing like the Michelin Man.

Patagonia’s eminently practical “nano puff” is genuinely innovative. It is both warmer and lighter than last year’s puff. The “hoody” model, ideal for any technical expedition, keeps head and neck warm without the necessity of a scarf.

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