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November 29, 2010

Henry Agonistes

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Thinking and re-thinking the problem of what to bestow upon Mrs. Henry in honor of her milestone birthday, Mr. Henry is beginning to suspect that he might be over-thinking.

But how would you know? What if he hasn’t given it enough thought already?

Taking under advisement the wise words of counsel generously sent by Owen, Klee, theDiva, Yossa, Jezebella and Glinda of Teeny Manolo, Mr. Henry made an interim decision and bought a beautiful hand-blown glass bowl from Sara Japanese Pottery on Lexington Avenue at 70th Street.

Since the bowl was a perfect receptacle for cranberry sauce, he jumped the birthday queue and presented it on Thanksgiving.

Success! (temporarily, at least) … She loves it.

However, a bowl is not an intimate gift. It can’t be worn against the skin, nor is it the treasured keepsake of a romantic moment. The search continues.

Do you know this man?

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Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men”?

November 26, 2010

Trimming your tree

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Now that Thanksgiving is safely behind us, isn’t it time to think of trimming the tree?

Here’s Gene Tierney to lend a hand.

November 24, 2010

Mick Jagger

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Congratulations to the Diva who first correctly guessed the identity of  Monday’s Man of Mystery, Mick Jagger, the original Glimmer Twin.

November 22, 2010

Do you know this man?

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Mr Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

November 21, 2010

That special thing for her

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A milestone birthday is imminent for Mrs. Henry. At her last milestone, Mr. Henry conspired with 80 people to throw her a surprise party. It was successful, that is, Mrs. Henry arrived in baggy sweatpants and torn T-shirt. But the enormous effort, secrecy, lies, whispers, lies and more lies were not worth the pay-off.

From this experience Mr. Henry learned the bitter life lesson that, while it may be possible to cheat on your wife, the effort required to get away scot-free is honestly too great.

This time he intends to buy her a special gift, a cherished memento of the day, something particularly suitable to her taste (like Shari’s Berries), her sense of self, and our matrimonially-entwined budget. It cannot be a promise of a trip to Bruges, a renovation to the bathroom, or even a week at the Chiang Mai Four Seasons Hotel which no mere mortal can afford.

It must be a thing wrapped up in a pretty box presented lovingly at the birthday dinner. But what? Failure looks inevitable.

Things not to get your sweetie:

1. Scanty panties. They convey expectations of limitless pleasure – but not necessarily for her.

2. Diamonds. They convey the wrong impression about the appropriate use of one’s limited means and, by the way, they are horrible investment vehicles.

3. Power tools. They convey imputations of hard work left undone.

4. Promises such as:

a.     trips abroad
b.     home renovations
c.     weight loss diets
d.     cello lessons

Mr. Henry needs help soon. He entreats your suggestions.

November 16, 2010

Harrison Ford

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Yes, Monday’s Man of Mystery is Indiana Jones avant la lettre.

November 15, 2010

Do you know this man?

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Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

November 10, 2010

Julie London

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Men, to start your weekend early, sometime around Wednesday morning, take a listen to the smoky voice of Julie London, one woman who had both figure and face – and a sultry sound.

November 9, 2010

Patrick Stewart

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Monday’s Man of Mystery is indeed the bald knight, Sir Patrick Stewart.

November 8, 2010

Do you know this man?

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Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

November 7, 2010

Face or figure?

Filed under: Celebrity,Husbands and Wives — Mr. Henry @ 12:09 pm

According to reporting in today’s New York Times, men looking for short-term thrills with a woman pay more attention to her figure than to her face, and men looking for long-term commitment pay more attention to face than figure.

Does this constitute news? Guys looking for a roll in the hay valuing wiggle more than wink?

More surprising, the study concludes that women valued face and body equally in their decision-making . What? Mr. Henry would have assumed women to have more sense than that.

Go figure.

In the case of Angie Dickinson, for example, Mr. Henry says “yes” to both questions.

Mr. Henry believes the more interesting question is at what point in a boy’s life he stops focusing on breasts and starts paying closer attention to legs and where they come from.

The Playboy Man’s obsession with bazoongas is decidedly, incontestably infantile.

Grow up, dude.

Marry for conversation, not for sex, they say. Why? Because the sex becomes an extension of the conversation, and vice versa. It’s a lifelong path leading to the best of both.

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