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July 5, 2013

Robert Owens Tailored Skirt (FOR MEN) – The Review.

Filed under: Bad Fashion,Men's Fashion — Erik Nabler @ 7:07 pm

Now, I am as fashion-forward as the next man (actually I am not, but let us engage in willing suspension of disbelief here) but when I look at the Rick Owens tailored skirt for Men (On incredible sale-marked down from $1457.79 to 499.00 on Gilt) I am struck by the exclamation, “Wuck?”  I challenge you to look at this picture and not say “Wuck?!?”.

Seriously?  Radical Islam has gone too far, now.

Seriously? Radical Islam has gone too far, now.


This begs a lot of analysis. First, who thought up $1457.79? $1458 is just too high for a skirt? Second, why would a man need a skirt? Especially a maxi. I can tell you from my travels in San Francisco that men’s hem lines are moving up, not down. And it doesn’t even have a decent slit. This is a serious problem as you are going to have to do some fast running to get away from the people with decent taste that are going to try and pummel you to stop the rot. Did he get the idea from watching kids do sack races?

My best guess is that this is some kind of publicity stunt. I bet they don’t even have any stock to sell. Probably all photoshopped. I dare one of the Manolo’s readers to try and buy one. I bet they tell you it is out of stock. Here is the Gilt link to the skirt.

Postscript: Not knowing much about Rick Owen’s and his work, I googled up some stuff. After looking over the pictures of his “creations” I am now convinced that he is a clever hoax who doesn’t even exist. Clearly his creations are the work of some kind of fashion prankster. Kudo’s to you, interweb humorist!

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