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August 18, 2013

Top of My Current Wish List: Breitling Rose Gold Tansocean Chronograph

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I tend to be a man of modest desires. A pint of stout, a good book, an evening of spirited conversation with close friends, and a Mercedes CLS550 Coupe in Iridium Silver Metallic paint are all I require to be well and truly happy. And now, add to that list a $20,000 watch, this one…

Breitling Transocean Chronograph in Rose Gold

The Breitling Transocean Chronograph in rose gold (as seen at The Branded Watch Shop).

I should mention that I’ve never been a fan of the Rolex. This is true of me even thirty years ago, before it become completely associated with douchebags and short-fingered vulgarians. I never particularly cared for the styling of the Rolex, too industrial for my tastes, even though I know the Rolex is a fine piece of Swiss precision watch-making. Even though I know there’s actually nothing wrong with Rolex, per se, except for people who buy and wear them, a category that is restricted largely to wannabe rich men who wanna show every bellhop, busboy and bar hostess just how would-be rich they are. It’s sad when that happens to a brand.

Breitling, by comparison, has retained much of its high-end cachet, probably because it’s associated with the glamour of flight (Breitlings are aviator watches) and because Breitling was never adopted as a Jersey Shore Guido status symbol. But cachet isn’t what’s drawn me to this watch. It’s that rose gold and leather strap combination, but especially that rose gold. I usually think of rose gold as a feminine metal, but in this case it seems warmly masculine, something that would be worn by a sophisticated middle-aged man, who’s part of the thinking class, which pretty much describes me exactly.

So, there you go, Breitling Rose Gold Tansocean Chronograph for me.

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