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September 4, 2013

2013 Fall/Winter Hoodies for Men

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Hoodies are a popular wardrobe among men. It is one of the must-haves aside from pants and t-shirts, especially when anywhere in the world there is winter or cold weather. Hoodies can provide warmth and comfort that other apparel can do during winter. This 2013, hoodies that are knitted would be the trend. Hoodies are made with cotton or wool material to be stretchable in width and length.

Thus, no matter how big your body is, you can find a hoody that is suitable for you. Today’s hoody style is accentuated with different designs and details. Some may come with embroidery, with collars, button up, or with a v-neckline. It now depends on your personal preferences when picking a couple of hoodies to complete your winter outfit. They also vary in prices as there are cheap hoodies for men and those that are crafted by popular fashion designers.

What most people do not know about is that hoodies are one of the many varieties of jackets and sweatshirts. So the term hoodies can be used interchangeably with said clothing articles. Some hoodies are not particularly designed for the rainy season. Since most hoodies are made with cotton fabric, staying under the rain with your hoody on is not advisable. However, on a lighter note, hoodies are a perfect outfit for working out. You can sweat a lot just by wearing a hoody; thus, it can help you burn those calories that you wanted out of your system. This is also why most hoodies are styled as long sleeved sweatshirts and it fits your body suitably. It adds an appeal to your physical built without trying so hard to be so fashionable. As a sweatshirt, you can use it as a casual wear for going to school, to the mall or to anywhere you like. No wonder even educational institutions let their students design college hoodies to provide them an option for casual wear besides their normal clothing routine.

Hoodies can be worn by men of any age. Some fashion designers create hoodies that specifically target the oldies as the potential customers as well as for those who are considered a plus size. Good thing there are plenty of cheap hoodies for men available so you won’t find it daunting to shop for hoodies this year. It is also important to know that there are different types of hoodies such as short/long sleeves, hoodies with drawstrings, zipper and varsity hoodies. These types are all the conventional ones though. This year’s hoodies would be quite different as they are styled with v-neckline, convertible, and with large graphic prints.
You can pair your hoody with a baseball cap, sunglasses, pants and sneakers. Fit hoodies would look good on men who have well-built body, particularly those hoodies that are knitted. Obviously, designers are seeing the popularity of gym and working out as one of the opportunities to design sweatshirts and hoodies. This can help men feel good about their own selves as they are able to highlight their fit physique.

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