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In Tatters, Y’All

TI in tattersall

Named after a British horse auctioneer from the 1700s, the tattersall pattern originated on horse blankets, something it is still used for.  It has long been the classic design for flannel shirts meant to be worn with tweeds in the countryside, but Izzy has noticed that a few hip-hop stars, such as TI above, have been donning the conservative pattern, in the same way that many have been borrowing from preppy attire (note TI’s sherbert sweater). With all due respect to 50 Cent, perhap this style should be called “In da Country Club.”

Divorce, British Style

Paul McCartney in thin-lapelled suit

Prepared to face the unpleasantries of his acrimonious divorce, Paul McCartney arrived in court in a suit whose narrow lapels harkened back to a far happier time when he was just a young Beatle.  But by wearing a (disproportionately) wide tie with the youthful lapel, he shows himself to be stuck in the doldrums of middle age.

Black and Blue

Clint Eastwood in blue shirt and tux

Like a colorblind Medusa, Clint Eastwood, in his blue shirt and black tuxedo, bruises the eyes of anyone who looks in his direction.  Even worse, his “formal” wear includes a bent collar.

The Pitts

Brad Pitt in three-piece suit

With his bangs, patchy goatee, and ill-fitting disco-era suit (note the shirt peeking under the vest, the pants pooling at the ankles, and the wrinkles in the trousers’ crotch), has Brad Pitt ever looked worse?  Tom Cruise couldn’t get away with this look either.

Robot Teddy

Karl Lagerfeld with noose

The fine folks at Kempt pointed Izzy to a story in WWD about a teddy bear being modelled after Karl Lagerfeld:

FUZZY WUZZY: It’s a bear market out there — at least where Karl Lagerfeld is concerned. The famous German teddy bear maker Steiff plans to immortalize the indefatigable couturier in stuffed-animal form. The fuzzy Karl comes complete with dark glasses, a dark suit, high collar and logo belt buckle — nuclear-powered design prowess not included.

Izzy can’t help thinking that the teddy bear ought to be a creepy robot like the one featured in Steven Speilberg’s A.I. (which was originally a project of Stanley Kubrick’s, a director with a far darker sensibility).

Teddy supertoy

The plot, including the character of Teddy, was inspired by Brian Aldiss’ short story “Supertoys Last All Summer Long,” which contains a passage that could well describe any ursine automaton based on Lagerfeld:

“Come down here, Teddy!”

She stood impassively, watching the little furry figure as it climbed down from step to step on its stubby limbs. When it reached the bottom, she picked it up and carried it into the living room. It lay unmoving in her arms, staring up at her. She could feel just the slightest vibration from its motor.

Angular Momentum

Wesley Snipes with angled collar

As a celebrity, it’s part of Wesley Snipes’ job to a draw attention to himself, which he easily accomplished with an oddly angled collar. The non-traditional collar didn’t offend Izzy as much as he would have expected, but the extra-long dimple in the tie had the opposite effect. Is it possible for a necktie to be too silky?

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The Sport of Princes

Prince Charles playing cricket

A suit is good for nearly any occasion, though playing cricket, or any strenuous sport, is usually not one of them.  Still, Prince Charles didn’t look completely out of place taking a swing in a double-breasted suit with two-inch cuffs (a cuff size that is generally acceptable only with such a suit).  Izzy especially appreciates the understated tie, something that is all-too-rare in the U.S.

Smooth Jazz

Oscar Peterson in velvet smoking jacket

You don’t see many velvet smoking jackets in public, but jazz legend Oscar Peterson, who recently passed, used one to demonstrate his cool even away from the piano.


Ferrian Adria in Spanish academic garb

On the far right Ferran Adria, the deservedly famous chef, receives an honorary degree from the University of Barcelona.

Izzy had never considered that European full academic garb might differ from country to country, but he was interested to see that Spaniards add bold color and odd cuffs to their black robes as well as have their own silly hats instead of mortarboards or four-cornered tams. Despite the apparent levity of such attire, Izzy thinks too many of us has forgotten that at one time only three professions were entitled to wear the gown: the judge, the priest, and the scholar.

The Angel’s in the Details

Taye Diggs with pocket square

Taye Diggs deftly uses a cutaway collar and pocket square to spruce up what would have otherwise been a boring outfit.

Charlie Wilson’s Wardrobe

Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Charlie Wilson’s WarCharlie Wilson in a military shirt

Opening in theaters today, Charlie Wilson’s War tells the true story of a good-for-nothing congressman who redeemed himself by living out his military fantasies through the Mujahideen’s fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. When Izzy saw the above still from the movie, he thought it was clever to costume the protagonist (played by Tom Hanks) in a military-style shirt, complete with epaulets and two front pockets. But a quick search uncovered that that was how Wilson, a self-caricature, actually dressed. Any would-be larger-than-life characters, take note.

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Arcade Misfire

Combining roller disco, Larry Bird, and set design from Star Wars, this 1982 ad for Chardon jeans has something for everyone, except those with sartorial taste. Izzy can’t deny that the music is pretty cool, though.

Note how briefly Bird flashes on screen. Despite being immensely popular at the time, the basketball great was unfortunately cursed with a face made for radio, and a voice made for telegraph.

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