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Jay-Z in safety pins

Jay-Z likes Safe-T. A lot.

Battle of the Architects

Norman Foster, architect of the new Hearst Building in New York, proves himself dapper in a fitted cotton suit with very high lapels and hacked (i.e., angled) pockets, a bold checked shirt with an unusual button-down collar, and an asymmetric tie.

Norman Foster

Whereas Richard Meier, most famous for his Getty Center in Los Angeles, opts to pop his heads out of a giant brown paper bag.

Richard Meier

Scotland the Brave

Scotland the Brave

In defense of traditional Scottish garb, the Izzy proffers this country gentleman from The House of Bruar. The quilted tweed jacket and waxed-cotton “apron” are appropriately accessorized with an unpretty hunting dog.

Perry Ellis Coat

Perry Ellis

Manolo says, this plaid coat from the Perry Ellis, it presents the problem for the Manolo. On the one of the hands, it is the beautiful soft plaid, in the perfect autumnal colors. It is a beautiful coat.

However, on the other of the hands, the top coat, it is the expensive purchase, one that needs be made, if one chooses wisely, infrequently. And so the coat it should be of the highest quality, and of the conservative cut and color, so that the wearer he is not the victim of the winds of the fashion.

So, ultimately, unless the money it is of no object, and you are young and very handsome, this coat, as beautiful as it is, it should be avoided. Instead, buy the scarf in this pattern.

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Say No To The Parka

Manolo says, the Manolo he is sorry but he must now take the Vice President Cheney to the shed of the wood for being ridiculously underdressed for the ceremony at the Auschwitz.

The Manolo he reminds you that you must always, always, dress for the occasion. This ceremony, it was the ceremony like the funeral. You would not wear this to the funeral. It is ridiculous.

In this picture, all the Dick Cheney he needs to be prepared for the outing to the frozen tundra is the hat made of the cheese.

Sweaters for the Man

The Dreaded Sweater of the Holidays

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

Can you recommend the right spring sweaters – I see men everywhere wearing these well – sweaters that remind me of my mother from the 60s – snowflake patterns and kitsch! I know that with your great knowledge you could stop the madness of men wearing outlandish sweaters. Might you recommend a line or two of nice professional looking work sweaters? Are sweatervests out like bow ties?

Manolo says, of the course not, the sweaters (or jumpers) they are not “out”, they could never be “out”. They are too practical for the wearing.

However, as the Manolo’s friend, he has correctly identified, many of the mens they wear the sweaters of ridiculousness. Perhaps, like the Colin Firth in the Diary of the Bridget Jones, it was a present from the well-intentioned relative/dolt. Or, perhaps they just know no better.

In any of the event, the Manolo he would give you the following brief advice with regard to the wearing of the sweaters: high quality, solid color.

You cannot go wrong with the purchase of the good quality, good-colored cashmere sweater in the classic cut that suits you, be it the turtle neck, the crew neck, the v-neck, or perhaps the cardigan.

Here are three sweaters from the Italian maker Principe di Salina, that the Manolo finds acceptable.

Biscuit Cashmere Ribbed Crewneck Sweater   Manolo Likes!  Click!
Dark Blue Cashmere V-neck Sweater  Manolo Likes!  Click!Black Cashmere Zip Mock Turtleneck Sweater  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, three different colors in three different neck styles, all good. The last of the three it is the “zip mock turtleneck” which is the more contemporary, urban feel.

As for the the vest of the sweater, the Manolo, he himself has been known to sport such attire, so how can it possibly be “out”?

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