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Shirts | Manolo for the Men - Part 10
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To Accompany a Stiff Upper Lip

Harvie & Hudson stiff collar

For those who are looking for the ultimate in formidable formal wear, Izzy recommends one of these fierce stiff formal collars from Harvie & Hudson of Jermyn Street. He himself is ginning up the courage to wear one.

Dorkus Maximus

Mayor Bloomberg in shorts

As Spring finally arrives on the East Coast, many men are no doubt getting the perverse desire to show off their hairy legs and gnarled knees. But before you reach for the shorts, Izzy beseeches you to keep in mind this image of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is usually well-dressed. (Note also that His Honor would have looked less goofy had he chosen a slimmer-fitting polo shirt with shorter sleeves.) And at the very least, if you absolutely, positively must wear dress shorts, do your fellow citizens a favor, and avoid white socks please.

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Bright Sol

Sol LeWittSol LeWitt Wall Drawing No. 752

Ever since becoming attuned to clothing, Izzy has been fascinated by the attire of visual artists due to their superior sensibility to color and form. So while reading the recent obituary of Sol LeWitt, Izzy was pleased to discover that the shy, modest artist would combine a conservative tweed jacket with an eye-popping magenta shirt, a fitting choice for the enthusiast of cheerful colors who once called one his paintings ”Loopy Doopy (Red and Purple).”

Larry Kudlow’s Comparative Advantage

Lawrence Kudlow

Inspired by a post on the well-dressed economist, a reader queried Izzy as to whether he knew anything about the attire of the dapper TV business commentator Larry Kudlow.  Ever happy to oblige, Izzy has it on good authority that Mr. Kudlow wears bespoke suits by Savile-Row trained Leonard Logsdail (whom Izzy has had the pleasure of meeting) and ties by Turnbull & Asser, Vineyard Vines, and Venazi.  His contrast-collar shirts, ever beloved by financiers and capitalists, are also by T&A.

Wide Society

really wide tie

New York Social Diary is a useful way to gawk at Gotham’s high society.  Without it, Izzy might never have seen a tie so wide it’s virtually a well-knotted scarf.

The Law of Non-Contradiction

Jude Law in micro collar

As a matter of principle, Izzy objects to Jude Law’s micro collar and sliver of a tie. But at the very least they should have been complemented by a shorter jacket sleeve.

A Case of the Blahs

Badgley Mischka

Due to their unadorned dark suits and white shirts, Izzy finds designer duo Messrs. Badgley and Mischka guilty of inciting boredom.

The Well-Tarnished Silver Spoon

Gerard Wertheimer

In his tweed jacket, button-down oxford, and lackluster tie, the man on the right might be a college professor or a small-town lawyer. But in fact he is Gerard Wertheimer, co-owner of Chanel and a billionaire. It has often been observed that—in contrast to the nouveaux riches, who are insecure about their social status—old money will go about in ancient togs, unembarrassed by holes or signs of wear. Though Wertheimer escapes being frumpy, there is something to be said for a fashion magnate who is immune to the seductions of glamour.

Posh Nosh

Ian Richardson

“Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” were the most famous words spoken by the British actor Ian Richardson. Known in his homeland for playing the villain par excellence, he combined his sharp features with sharp conservative tailoring to become the very incarnation of a what the British call a toff.

The Brooks Brothers Luxury Shirt

Having recently acquired his first Brooks Brothers shirt from their luxury line, Izzy wishes to shout from the rooftops how happy he is with product. The fabric, woven in Italy, feels and drapes wonderfully, while the shirt itself is slimly cut, unlike some other Brooks Brothers shirts that are too “blousey” for his taste.

You Make the Call

Christian Lacroix

Low-slung trousers, or merely Monsieur Lacroix’s protruding belly? Flower detail, or unfortunate sweat stain?

A Case of the Blahs

Badgley Mischka

Due to their unadorned dark suits and white shirts, Izzy finds designer duo Messrs. Badgley and Mischka guilty of inciting boredom. Is ornament so hard to find nowadays?

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