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Shoes | Manolo for the Men - Part 10
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Dressing Better Than the Boss

Manolo says, as one would expect the Manolo he receives many of the different catalogs and mailers from the various shoe companies. Some of them, they are quite nice.

Today, the man of the mail, he brought the Manolo the latest catalog from the Johnston and Murphy. It is the good-looking catalog, featuring on the cover the Ziggy Marley, and on the inside the actor Ron Livingston.

As the readers of the Manolo for the Men they know, the Manolo he believes that the Johnston and Murphy they are the good shoes for the money although by no of the means the epitome of the art of the shoemaker.

In the catalog of the Johnston and Murphy, the shoes, they were mostly handsome, but this paragraph of the ad copy it caught the attention of the Manolo.

“It doesn’t hurt to dress like you could be doing your boss’s job (maybe even better). That doesn’t mean dressing old. It means dressing smart. You don’t dress the same for the boys at the plant as you do for the chaps on the board. I’t nice to wear a white shirt sometimes, and wearing the lace-ups on occasion shows you’re not a loafer. Think of your new shoes as a promotion.”

Manolo says, of the course it doesn’t “hurt” to dress like you could be doing your boss’s job! In the fact it is one of the principles of the Manolo that you should be dressing for the job you want, not for the job you have.

Yes, it is to the credit of the Johnston and Murphy that they point out that the loafer it is not the suitable shoe for the wearing to the office, but it is indeed also sad that it has come to this point where the working man he must be told this.

Manolo says, the rules of the Manolo they remain the same: if you seek success, wear the best quality of the shoes and the clothes of the conservative cut you can afford. Make them appropriate for the occupation, but do not be afraid to seem more formal or better dressed than your co-workers and bosses.

P.S. One of the styles of the shoes that appeared under this ad-copy in the catalog of the Johnston and Murphy was this one below. It is the good conservative choice for the young man who is clambering up the ladder of the success.

Johnston & Murphy Men's Aldrich II

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The Shoes for the Interview of the Job

Manolo says, everyone, they are now doing the shoeblogging. Go read this post from the Canadian Headhunter. He gives the sound advice about the proper shoes for the young man for the interview of the job.

The Mephisto

Mephisto - Perino (Black Smooth) Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, in the general, the Manolo he approves of the Mephisto for the wearing with the casual, or perhaps even the business casual clothes. They are comfortable for the walking and usually somewhat of the stylish.

This shoe above, it is the good shoe in the modern-classic, monk-strap style. Even the better, it is on the sale. Reduced over $150 of the American dollars.

This it would be the good addition to your collection of the quality footwear.

Brown Shoe for The Business Casual

Allen-Edmonds - Harrison (Brown Antibes Calf) - Men's    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, this brown shoe from the Allen-Edmonds not only is it perfect for wearing with the casual khakis, but it is on the sale, reduced over $100 of the American dollars.

If you have the giant feets, this shoe it comes in the American size 16.

P.S. This shoe, it also answers the question about the giant feets that one of the Manolo’s internet friends had asked.

On the american shoes for men, I have a question. I am very conservative dresser (CPA), and have a large foot (14) leaving me out in the cold in terms of more fashionable footwear.

I am limited to essentially Johnston and Murphy or Allen Edmonds for workshes. (Higher end J&M only). Alden does not cater to fat foot.

What do you think between the two brands? I need a new algonquin -style oxford, and they are comparably priced.

Manolo says, for the Manolo, there is little difference between the Johnston and Murphy and the Allen Edmonds. Both are good mid-priced shoes, suitable for the business wear.

If, however, you are serious about the great shoes, they should be considered no more than the way station on the trip to the beautiful hand made shoes, which, of the course, can be made for any size of the foot.

The Ankle Boots of Brown

Michael Toschi - London (Oxblood Pebble) - Men's   Manolo Likes! Click!

Manolo says, after all the talk of the browns and how not to wear them with the suits of the dark colors, the Manolo he will now recommend to you this ankle boot by the Michael Toschi..

The peoples at the Zappos they have said that this boot it is “ideal for the boardroom”.

Ha! The Manolo he laughs at the ignorance of their copywriters. Do not listen to them. This boot, an ankle boot of brown, it is perfect for the country gentleman or the stylish professor to wear with the tweeds or the khakis.

The Questions

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends he has asked the Manolo the questions.

I am an Englishman living in Switzerland. Naturally, I approve entirely of your stated preference for English suits and John Lobb shoes (though might I be so bold, as someone with a little inside knowledge of the industry, as to recommend the most elegant shoes of Edward Green as an off-the-shelf alternative ?). Unfortunately, many of my Swiss colleagues do not share your wisdom and fine taste – indeed, it may be said that Switzerland is something of a fashion wasteland.

Naturally, in an effort to help my colleagues to eliminate the fashion faux pas they so often inflict not only on themselves but on the rest of us, I have pointed them in the direction of your blog (which I must say really is the bees knees). As a first step in their education, might I ask you to pronounce on the following three issues of business fashion etiquette, which seem to be particular areas of confusion :

1. The wearing of brown shoes with suits.

2a. The wearing of loafers with suits.

2b. The wearing of loafers with tassels with suits

2c. The wearing of loafers with tassels in general.

3. How to choose a tie to go with a check sports jacket.

Manolo says, the friend of the Manolo he has the excellent taste in shoes. The Edward Green, their bespoke shoes are the beautiful objects for the man, and their their ready-to-wear shoes they are indeed handsome.

Unfortunately, they are most difficult to find in the America.

As for the questions that the friend he has asked (although it seems as though the friend he already knows the answers to these question) the Manolo he will provide the answers:

1. Manolo says, the practice of the wearing of the brown shoes with the dark suits it is becoming increasingly and depressingly common.

Indeed it is permissable to wear the brown shoes with the suits, but only under the following conditions: the color of the suit should be lighter than the color of the shoes, which narrows the wearing of the brown shoes to the khaki and the light grey suits, although with some of the tones of the earth you may break this rule. The brown shoes are especially good with the suits for the warmer weather. Otherwise the man he should stick to the shoes of black.

2a. Loafers with the suits, no. Loafers with the slacks and the sports coats, yes.

2b. The loafers of the penny, yes. The loafers of the tassel, no. They are too frilly for the serious man.

3. Manolo says, it is the sad fact that too many of the mens they have no taste in the deparment of the cravat. However, the Manolo he would tell you this: if you are wearing the sports coat with the bold pattern it is best to avoid the ties that are too loud, or too busy, or with the bizarrely whimsical pattern, or worst of the all, the type of the tie that the novelist/dandy Tom Wolfe once called the “psychedelic barf”.

Manolo says, the topic of the ties, it is most complex and so it deserves a space of its own. Soon the Manolo he will write a guide on the ties. In the meantime, if you are interested in the high quality ties of the Italians, than the Manolo he recommends this website.

The Pointy Versus The Square

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has left the interesting comment.

Manolo, this seems like a good time to request your thoughts on the square-to-pointy ratio of men’s shoes. I have very squared off toes and have formed a dependency upon the round-to-square toed, plain front black lace-ups that Kenneth Cole manages to make every year. Furthermore, I definitely don’t like the high-fashion, very pointy shoes of the last year or so, and am depressed by the thought that the pointy shoes are back. Does the successful man of the world have to wear the pointier of the shoes? (I’m ambivalent about even the otherwise quite handsmome J&M captoes you highlight…)

Manolo says, for the shoes of the man of the business, the Manolo he prefers the rounded toe shoes, above both the pointy toed shoes and the shoes with the square toes. The reason for this is that in the matter of the business attire, the well-dressed man he should keep to the golden mean.

The attire for the place of business it should not be fashion forward, but rather of the classic nature. It should be distinguished by the high quality of the tailoring and the material rather than the trendiness. A best suits made by the best of the tailors should last you forever, it should never go out of the style.

Much of the same it can be said for the shoes of the man. The best quality mens shoes of the classic shapes will never go out of the style.

Manolo says, if you are serious about the business success, avoid the trendiest of the styles in the shoes and the clothes. It is the sad fact that the man of business he must avoid being made sport of, and so the clothes he wears, they must conform.

There is, however, some of the exceptions to this. If the man he is working in the more artistic field–the architect for the example– he is granted some laxity with regards to the attire. He is somewhat freer to follow the whims of the fashion.

The final answer to your question is that you are right to avoid the shoes with toes that are too pointy. But also avoid any shoe that is too “fashionable”. The classic, that should be your goal.

Shoes for the Poor Boy Who Wants The Success

Manolo says, for the young working man who is starting his rise up the ladder of the success, the Manolo would like to offer the few words of the advice.

The first, buy the best quality shoes you can afford, in the fact, buy the shoes that are perhaps more expensive than you can afford. It is still the axiom that the shoes are the indicator of the success.

The second, you must, with the absoluteness maintain the shoes of quality in the good condition. This means the frequent shining, the regular re-heelings by the cobbler, and the use of the shoe-trees when the shoes they are in the closet off of your feets.

Trust the Manolo, the peoples they look at your shoes. They are the indications of your success. The better quality your shoes, the shinier, the more you will be judged favorably.

Manolo say, at the heels do not be down.

But, the Manolo he understands what it is like to be poor, so poor that you are forced to make your own shoes from the skins of the road killed animals you have cured in your own bathtub. And he knows that the shoes of quality, they are so very expensive. This is why the Manolo he recommends to you, who are starting out in the world of the business, that you consider the shoes of the Johnston and Murphy.

These shoes they are not the cheapest of the shoes, but nor are they the most expensive. They are the good choice for the man who wishes to eventually ascend to the level of the handmade shoes from the John Lobb.

For the young man of the business the Manolo he prefers this simple toe-cap shoe.

Johnston & Murphy - Melton (Bourdeaux Brushed Veal) - Manolo Likes!  Click!

What the Manolo is Wearing at This Instant

adidas - Rod Laver (White/Navy Nylon/Mesh) - Men's    Manolo Adores!  Click!

Manolo asks, are you surprised? Do not be.

The Manolo he has the many pairs of the sneakers from the Prada, but these shoes from the Adidas, they are indeed one of the great classics of the shoes of the casualness.

Manolo says, every man, he should own the pair of the Rod Laver Classics.

Shoes for the Man

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo this question.

I agree that the shoes you enshrine are fabulous. But what is a man who longs for super-terrific shoes to do? Guidance maestro, guidance.

Manolo says, yes, the Manolo he has spoken about the shoes for the man before. And the Manolo, he recommends to his many men friends what he himself does, which is to buy the bespoke shoes from the John Lobb or the Jeffrey-West in the London.

Manolo says, yes it costs the many hundreds of the pounds, but nothing it compares to the custom made shoes for the man.

However, perhaps you are not in the position to make it to the London and you need the shoes soon. Or perhaps you are the super fantastic girl who wishes to surprise the man with the gift of the super fantastic shoes.

In the case of that, the Manolo he will recommend one pair of shoes that are suitable for the well-dressed man. In the next few of the days, he will recommend more.

Prada Mens Shoes Fall - Winter 2004/05

These shoes from the Prada, they are so simple, so classic, so perfect for the almost anything.

Manolo says, the Manolo, he has the theory about the clothes for the man.

The clothes and the shoes for the men, they should be of the highest quality, and with the few of the exceptions, of the most traditional English cut. The English and their bespoke tailors, they are the best of the best.

American suits they are cut for the big-chested fat men of power, and the Europeans, their clothes they are cut for the pimps and the gangsters. (There are the exceptions to this, for the example the odd suit from the Armani, and the ties of the Italians.)

The clothes of the man, they should not call the attention to themselves with the colors or the avant styling, but with the superior detail, the superior material, and the superior tailoring. The mens who follow the latest of the trends and the styles in the GQ, they are the fools. Yes, this is not the most exciting for the men who would like to be like the peacocks, but it is what the Manolo he recommends.

Manolo says, because the clothing of the men, it has the different, more subdued aesthetic to which it must adhere to be taken with the seriousness, Manolo he prefers to devote himself to the shoes for the women , but because so many of the Manolo’s friends they have asked for the help, the Manolo he will now attempt to impart some of the thinking of the Manolo in this blog.

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