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May 4, 2007

Showing Too Much Leg

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Rupert Murdoch in short socks

Friends of Rupert Murdoch, take note: The next time you need to get him a gift, buy him some long socks or even sock garters, for “shin cleavage” is unbecoming on a billionaire.

April 20, 2007

Dorkus Maximus

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Mayor Bloomberg in shorts

As Spring finally arrives on the East Coast, many men are no doubt getting the perverse desire to show off their hairy legs and gnarled knees. But before you reach for the shorts, Izzy beseeches you to keep in mind this image of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is usually well-dressed. (Note also that His Honor would have looked less goofy had he chosen a slimmer-fitting polo shirt with shorter sleeves.) And at the very least, if you absolutely, positively must wear dress shorts, do your fellow citizens a favor, and avoid white socks please.

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January 31, 2007

O Holey Sight

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Paul Wolfowitz in holey socks

Leaving a mosque in Turkey, World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz made it clear that he himself could use a loan.

January 25, 2007


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invisible socks

Izzy was surprised to discover such things existed, but these “invisible” socks are a great solution for getting the sockless look in the summer without the chafing or blisters.  (Yes, this is way off season, but Izzy is a sucker for a bargain.)

October 19, 2006

Booming Thom Thom

Thom Browne's ankles

The New York Times is touting Thom Browne, the notorious proponent of ankle cleavage, as “today the most envied and influential American men’s wear designer.” Though the article contains much of interest, including the observation that Browne’s suits “caught on with an underserved customer: the businessman who wants to look both conservative and cool,” one claim in particular caught Izzy’s attention. The paper reports that to gain attention for his style, Browne “started eating breakfast—black coffee and white toast—every morning …at Pastis, neatly dressed in a Thom Browne suit-slash-sandwich board.”

It just so happens that one day this past summer, Izzy, apeing the idle rich, himself breakfasted at Pastis, a pretentious French bistro in New York’s meatpacking district. And whom did he behold sitting at his regular table just next to the entrance? Thom Browne, clad in extremely short seersucker pants with massive cuffs, and going sockless in black wingtips, just like in the above photo. The sight of his get-up did make an indelible impression. Little did Izzy know at the time that he was witnessing a highly effective self-advertisement. Mr. Browne deserves a belated hat tip.

September 5, 2006

The Flash of Color

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Pierre Cardin's socks

Although the debate over whether socks should match one’s trousers or shoes is interminable, Pierre Cardin playfully demonstrates a rare third alternative: letting socks go “freelance.”

August 30, 2006

Schoolboy Socks

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schoolboy socksschoolboy socks orange

With the new school year right around the corner, Izzy thinks fondly ahead to autumn college sports, the fans of which are given license to wear fun, if a little silly, school colors, a lot like these pairs from J. Crew. On sale for just $2.99.

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