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Sweaters | Manolo for the Men - Part 3
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Born-Again Cardigan

Jeremy Piven in cardigan sweater

The cardigan sweater, named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, has a deserved reputation for old fogeyness—think of Mister Rogers changing into a zip-up model at the beginning of each episode. But it’s making a comeback among hipsters, and as Jeremy Piven shows, if cut slim, it can be a flattering on a young-ish man. Among the cardigan’s other, if lesser known, benefits is that a thick model can protect you from poison-tipped umbrellas.

The International Screen Actors Garment Workers Union (ISAGWU)

Cary Grant knitting in Mr Lucky

In honor of Labor Day, Izzy wishes to remind his readers of the travails of the working man. After all, even Cary Grant nearly burst a blood vessel in his forehead while knitting his own sweaters.

O Winter White

Thom Browne winter white

Although Izzy has a habit of making fun of the au courant designers, he must confess that ever since he saw Thom Browne’s Fall 2006 collection he has been inspired to experiment with winter whites. Having finally found a sumptuous pair of cream flannel trousers, he is dashing off to the nearest skating rink.

Don’t Like Women? You’ll Love Our Sweaters

Drummond sweaters

According to this very retro advertisement:

Men are better than women! Indoors, women are useful, even pleasant. On a mountain they are something of a drag. So don’t go hauling them up a cliff just to show off your Drummond climbing sweaters….

Belted sweaters and misogyny—a match made in hell.

Horsing Around

David Beckham horsey cardigan

David Beckham bravely attempts the horsey, belted cardigan. Despite his courage, the sweater is fated for the glue factory.

The Shetland

Brooks Brothers shetland sweater

Located between the Norwegian and North Seas, Scotland’s Shetland archipelago is a cold and wet place. But without that inhospitable weather, it would never have given the world its incredible wool, famous for its loft and warmth. A Shetland sweater, like this one from Brooks Brothers, ought to be a staple for anyone in a cold climate.

Poncho Nonpareil

poncho with sprinkles

“How would you like your poncho, sir?”

“With sprinkles, please.”

Infinitely Bad Taste

Jhane Barnes fractal sweater

Izzy has long been fascinated by the mathematical constructs known as fractals, infinitely recursive self-similar shapes that can be quite beautiful. (Their nature is easier to understand when seen than explained.) But upon seeing that Jhane Barnes placed such a pattern on a sweater, it makes Izzy want to throw up forever and ever and ever…

The Summer Sweater

This linen and silk sweater, complete with fine detailing around the neckline and cuffs, has been marked down as part of Brooks Brothers’ big summer sale. At just $44.75, it should be as lightweight on the wallet as the body.

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