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Manolo for the Men: Fashion, Grooming, and Lifestyle Advice for Gentlemen - Part 49

Red Castro

Castro in Red

Whatever one thinks of Castro’s politics, it’s difficult to deny that his carefully chosen hospital attire projects an image of vim and vigor far better than does the typical wan gown. Bright red makes one look anything but fatigued.

The Manolo would appear to agree.

Clooney’s Kiton

A few years ago, while watching the Coen brothers’ Intolerable Cruelty, Izzy was greatly impressed by the wardrobe of George Clooney’s character, in particular a sumptuous gray flannel suit with folds like butter. It’s too bad that Izzy isn’t a 42-regular with $2,500 to spare, since thanks to eBay he could have bid on one of the (Kiton) suits from the movie.

Clooney's Kiton suit

Branding Unfit Even for Cattle

brand tattoo

According to Newsweek, patrons of tattoo parlors are increasingly getting inked with their favorite brand logos.

Perhaps that Polo pony is actually one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Day of the Unmentionables

In honor of National Underwear Day, Izzy would like to bring to your attention a style of boxer rarely found in America, but one that he has enjoyed wearing.

T. M. Lewin boxers

As you can see, the fly is scalloped-shaped, which makes it both quite comfortable and helps to prevent anything from indecorously poking out.
You can find this sort of style, which unfortunately Izzy doens’t know the name of, on sale at the British shirtmaker T. M. Lewin.

The Wound and the Well-Tied Bow

While reading pleasurably by the pool this weekend, Izzy came across a passage from John Keats’ letters in which the poet explains his cure for depression:

“Whenever I find myself growing vapourish, I rouse myself, wash and put on a clean shirt, brush my hair and clothes, tie my shoestrings neatly, and in fact adonize as I were going out—then all clean and comfortable I sit down to write. This I find the greatest relief.”

Gentlemen suffering from the blues, adonize thyselves!

Blame it on Reno

Jean Reno in untucked shirt

By wearing his shirt untucked to his own wedding, Jean Reno shows just how seriously he takes his third trip down the aisle. Izzy wishes the new wife bon chance.

The Loake

Loakes Gloucester shoes

Although they’ve been producing handmade shoes since 1880, the English cordwainer Loake is regrettably little known in this country. Donning a striking pair like this one should help to change that.

J. Press Ties by the Numbers

J Press seven tieJ Press nineteen tie

Probably no haberdasher can take more credit for having created the Ivy League look, nowawadays called “trad” (for traditional American), than J. Press, which started as an outfitter to Yalies in New Haven. There’s a story that while in office a heckler shouted at the first George Bush, “Why do you always wear those boring Brooks Brothers suits?” Bush smiled, unbuttoned his jacket, and showed the J. Press label on the inside.

Though J. Press can indeed be ultra-conservative at times, Izzy doubts anyone would call these clever, youthful ties boring.


Testoni smiling moccasins

Is it me, or do these driving moccasins from A. Testoni appear to be smiling?

Savile Row Strikes Back

A reader has kindly informed Izzy that a master tailor has responded to Giorgio Armani’s attack on Savile Row:

If anyone reading this works for Mr. Armani, please pass this message along to your boss:

Thomas Mahon, the Savile Row tailor will gladly meet up anywhere with you, anytime, in front of the press and some bloggers. Then, armed only with basic tools i.e. tape measure, bolt of cloth, shears, needle and thread, chalk etc, you two will both measure and make a suit for a third gentleman, a customer, WITHOUT the assistance of anyone else. Just the tailor, the customer and the tools.

When completed, we will show our results live, to the press and the blogosphere. Then we can all transparently see how much the skills actually match the rhetoric. Easy.

Izzy loves the idea: Iron Chef meets Project Runway.

Shirts vs. Skins

human gorilla

The Daily Mail is reporting that Britain is considering banning men from going bare-chested in town centers. The descamisados are revolting, indeed.

The Flesh-Colored Cameo

Izzy recently saw The Devil Wears Prada, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Though not mentioned by name, Valentino makes a surprise appearance in the film. Izzy was happy to see the sun-kissed couturier looking like a human being, and not an Oompa-Loopma as in times past.

Valentino as Oompa-LoompaOompa-Looma

Incidentally, for those of you who have ever wondered about such things, that strip of fabric with a buttonhole that extends from Valentino’s left lapel is called a throat-latch.

For those seeking Men's Suits please consider Jos. A. Banks.