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Manolo for the Men: Fashion, Grooming, and Lifestyle Advice for Gentlemen - Part 64

What the Manolo is Wearing at This Instant

adidas - Rod Laver (White/Navy Nylon/Mesh) - Men's    Manolo Adores!  Click!

Manolo asks, are you surprised? Do not be.

The Manolo he has the many pairs of the sneakers from the Prada, but these shoes from the Adidas, they are indeed one of the great classics of the shoes of the casualness.

Manolo says, every man, he should own the pair of the Rod Laver Classics.

Clothes for the Times of Casualness

Manolo says, in the blogging for the men thus far the Manolo he has taken the pains to talk about the man of seriousness and business. He has done this because he is ultimately the conservative with the regards to the dress for the man. Unless the man, he is one of those people who are born with the riches in his silver spoon, the man he must work for the living.

It is trite, but it is none of the less true, that the success she must be dressed for. Likewise, one must dress for the job that is desired, not just for the job that is held. This it is why the Manolo he has devoted the attention to the clothes for the man of business. However, the Manolo he will soon address the clothes for the times of casualness, in which the man, he is allowed the greater room for the creativity in the dress (although, even this it must be modified by the circumstances).

Manolo says, as you can see this necessity for the success, which requires the certain conformity, it is one of the reasons why the Manolo he has resisted giving the advice for the men. The clothes for the men, they are not as much of the fun.

Worry not friends of the Manolo, the discussion of the clothes and shoes for the times of casualness they are coming.

More On the Links of the Cuff

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the question about the links of the cuff.

Manolo, I own a number of super fantastic french cuff shirts and very nice – not flashy or outre – cufflinks, but I was under the impression that one was only to sport such hardware with a suit or sportscoat. Do super fantastic males break out the cufflinks without the coat?

Manolo says, this person, he understands the fashion for the man. Even with the coat of sports, the cufflinks they set the tone of formality and business, and because they call attention to the cuffs they should only be worn with the starched shirts of the high quality and jacket.

However, although the Manolo he believes that cufflink it should be worn with the jacket, it does not require the wearing of the tie, in the fact, for the business casual Friday, this rich cufflink from the Thomas Pink, with the shirt of the high quality and the blue blazer could be the perfect accessory.

Thomas Pink Shaded Oblong Cufflink

Manolo says, the Manolo he is the minimalist with the regards to the jewlery for the man. The man who wishes to be taken seriously he should eschew the ring for the pinkie and the chains of the gold. (There are the exceptions to this banning of the bling, which the Manolo he will discuss at the later time.) Because of this the cufflinks they are one of the few items of the jewlery that are acceptable for the man of business.

Not Enough Cufflinks!

Manolo says, one of the problems with the world today is that the men, they do not often enough wear the shirts that require the cufflinks. Or, if they do wear the shirts that require the cufflinks, the links of the cuff they choose are too large or too flashy to be taken with the seriousness the man of business he deserves.

Below are two pair of the cufflinks from the Masini Gioielli that deserve to be taken with much of the seriousness.
Sterling Silver Stone Cufflinks     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Black Murano Glass Sterling Silver Cufflinks       Manolo Likes!  Click!

Say No To The Combover!

It's The Combover Baby!

Manolo says, here begins the first lesson of the grooming for the mens…don’t be this!

If, like the Manolo, you are thinning on the top, do not swoop the hair that is left into the giant artful pile on the top of the head. Trust the Manolo, it looks stupid.

Manolo says, in the opinion of the Manolo, the best thing the Judy Nathan she did for the Rudy was to make him stop with the combing over. She allowed him to go bald with the dignity.

Combing OverNo Combing Over

Manolo says, if you are balding, the bullet she must be bitten.

Cut the hair short.

Shoes for the Man

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo this question.

I agree that the shoes you enshrine are fabulous. But what is a man who longs for super-terrific shoes to do? Guidance maestro, guidance.

Manolo says, yes, the Manolo he has spoken about the shoes for the man before. And the Manolo, he recommends to his many men friends what he himself does, which is to buy the bespoke shoes from the John Lobb or the Jeffrey-West in the London.

Manolo says, yes it costs the many hundreds of the pounds, but nothing it compares to the custom made shoes for the man.

However, perhaps you are not in the position to make it to the London and you need the shoes soon. Or perhaps you are the super fantastic girl who wishes to surprise the man with the gift of the super fantastic shoes.

In the case of that, the Manolo he will recommend one pair of shoes that are suitable for the well-dressed man. In the next few of the days, he will recommend more.

Prada Mens Shoes Fall - Winter 2004/05

These shoes from the Prada, they are so simple, so classic, so perfect for the almost anything.

Manolo says, the Manolo, he has the theory about the clothes for the man.

The clothes and the shoes for the men, they should be of the highest quality, and with the few of the exceptions, of the most traditional English cut. The English and their bespoke tailors, they are the best of the best.

American suits they are cut for the big-chested fat men of power, and the Europeans, their clothes they are cut for the pimps and the gangsters. (There are the exceptions to this, for the example the odd suit from the Armani, and the ties of the Italians.)

The clothes of the man, they should not call the attention to themselves with the colors or the avant styling, but with the superior detail, the superior material, and the superior tailoring. The mens who follow the latest of the trends and the styles in the GQ, they are the fools. Yes, this is not the most exciting for the men who would like to be like the peacocks, but it is what the Manolo he recommends.

Manolo says, because the clothing of the men, it has the different, more subdued aesthetic to which it must adhere to be taken with the seriousness, Manolo he prefers to devote himself to the shoes for the women , but because so many of the Manolo’s friends they have asked for the help, the Manolo he will now attempt to impart some of the thinking of the Manolo in this blog.

Hats for the Man

Manolo says, it is no secret that the Manolo he is thinning on the top, and so some of the time, the Manolo he must wear the hat. Most of the hats of the Manolo they are purchased from the best hatter in the world, the James Locke and Co., Ltd.

The James Locke, they have been in the hatting business since the 1676, and have hatted the heads of many of the famous and the royal people of the England.

Super Fine Monte Cristi Folder

Manolo says, the Manolo he is especially fond of this folding Monte Cristi panama.

Manolo for the Men!

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends they have been asking the Manolo, “Manolo why do you not give the advice of the fashion for the mens?”

It is no secret that the Manolo he is obsessed with the shoes for the women, and so at the first the Manolo he was not in the favor of the idea. After the all, the Manolo his fashion tastes for the men they are restrained and classical, not peacocky and flamboyant like those of the mens who are obsessed with the GQ.

Yet the friends of the Manolo they persisted, “Manolo help us return dignity to the standards of male fashion,” they cried. And so the Manolo he has relented and will give the advice for the men.

Yes, the fashion for the men, it is not as exciting as the fashion for the women, but it is important none of the less, and so many of the men, they do it so badly that the Manolo he knows he can only help.

Manolo says, let the men’s fashion blogging begin!

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