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Manolo for the Men: Fashion, Grooming, and Lifestyle Advice for Gentlemen - Part 7

Do you know this man?

Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

Jon Hamm

Congratulations to Daniel for correctly guessing the identity of Monday’s Man of Mystery, the suavely sinister Donald Draper.

Quest for Perfect Jeans

Finding a decent pair of denims can become a quest for the holy grail, a foredoomed pursuit of glories past.

On their website you can buy Levi’s 501 button-fly “rigid rinse,” the ur-jeans, for a mere $36 – forgiving to the wallet but not to the body. They are guaranteed to chafe your inner thighs.

Or you may elect to buy the same cut 501’s (“XX” made in Amsterdam) from a slightly higher quality dark-wash denim for $268 at J. Crew. They are a little more comfortable than the originals, but at that price you don’t want to wear them when weeding a thorny garden.

Choices in between are limited to streaky, over-washed, greasy-feeling, thin-weight, distressed jeans that look as if a homeless person had traded them for a cup of coffee.

First off, stop looking for the cup of everlasting life. Jeans don’t have to be perfect (which is a relief to know because you will probably fail to find perfect ones anyway). Jeans need not be the repository of your essential being or the sacred vessel of your singularity. Grand hopes and dreams will overstuff a pair of humble denims. Anyway, aren’t denims the most conformist of clothing choices?

Blue jeans were born in the 19th-century as cheap work pants. Above all they are supposed to be sturdy. After a requisite breaking-in period, they may become comfortable, too. However, in the good old days comfort was second to their ability to withstand a season of gold-panning without ripping.

Do you know this man?

Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

George Clooney

Congratulations to Jeff the Baptist who correctly guessed the identity of Monday’s Man of Mystery. Clearly there is hope for every geeky sixth grader.

Eexamsheets – http://www.examsheets.com/exam/642-902.htm
Realtests – http://www.realtests.com/exam/350-030.htm
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Selftestengine – http://www.selftestengine.com/640-816.html

Do you know this man?

Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

William Shatner

Congratulations to LB for correctly guessing Monday’s Man of Mystery to be none other than Captain James T. Kirk.

Do you know this man?

Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

Ballad of a Thin Man

Last month as recompense for a year of toil and strain Mr. Henry went shopping. The time had come to buy himself a present, and a new line of super-120 wool at J. Crew were cut perfectly for Mr. Henry’s eye. Unfortunately they were not cut perfectly for his seat. Five extraneous pounds of winter fat preserved around Mr. Henry’s central section barred his admission into the skinny urbane world of the millennium’s second decade.

Did he walk away in despair? Not at all. With courage, hope, and full faith in a slim future, he bought pants that were too tight.

Of course, he did not share this little affair with Mrs. Henry. She would not have understood the complex series of decisions leading up to a decision, seemingly rash, which turned out to be a battlefield command of remarkable vision and precision. How else could he have forced himself to endure the sufferings of self-control necessary to shed five pounds?

Today, after a month of swimming, walking, and dinnertime deprivation, those pants fit just fine (so long as Mr. Henry does not wear them out to a big dinner). Once again Mr. Henry may sidle down the sidewalk dressed in his new super-120’s and looking like the metropolitan mondain he truly is.

Paul Reubens

This week’s Man of Mystery is none other than Pee-wee Herman!

Do you know this man?

Mr. Henry asks, “How good is your eye for famous men?”

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Laurence Fishburne

This week’s Man of Mystery is one of Hollywood’s great bad guys.

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