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April 7, 2005

The “Dress” Shorts

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Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

Here is my question: I am fortunate enough to work in an office that allows shorts during the summer. I also like to wear nice shorts to dinner with the Mrs. at a local restaurant that is outstanding, but casual.

My trouble is the shoes. Sandals seem a bit too casual and slip-ons seem to require a trade off between style and comfort. Since I refuse to wear knee socks (or any socks for that matter) I feel limited. So, do you have any shoe recommendations for those of us who like to wear nice, dress shorts?

Your thoughts on this dilemma would be helpful. Please respond as the warm weather is starting…

Manolo says, unless you live in the Bermuda, or are the male stripper, the shorts at the place of the work they are unacceptable.

Sadly, the friend of the Manolo he is not alone in believing otherwise.

Anyday, the Manolo he expects to enter the bank, or the insurance office and find his service professional dressed in the shorty-short cut-off jeans and flip-flops. And when he is buried, doubtless the Manolo will be laid to the rest by the director of the funeral who is dressed in the sweat pants and tank top from the Hooters.

Trust the Manolo when he says he does not wish to see the toes and hairy legs of his lawyers, Mssrs Dodson and Fogg.

Yet despite the heroic efforts of the Manolo to stem the making tide, we live in the lamentably debased times, with nothing on the horizon except the prospect of ill-tended toes and knobby male knees.

Unfortunately for the Manolo’s internet friend, the Manolo he refuses to participate in this mockery of the professional and/or dining attire. He does not like to be rude, but he must politely “beg-off” the answering of this question.

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