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February 11, 2006

Dia de San Valentin

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Manolo says, once again the Dia de San Valentin it approaches! And woe unto the man who neglects his duty in the matter of providing to his beloved the Frenchy chocolates, the fine wine, the red flowers, the fancy perfume, the jeweled trinket and/or perhaps the weekend trip to Paris.

Such the man the Manolo he would not care to be on the day after the Day of the Valentine.

Thus, it once again falls to the Manolo to remind his men friends to open the hearts and the wallets during this the most important day of the year for the matters of love.

Yes, perhaps your woman she says to you that she “could not be happier” than to recieve your traditional gift of the Whitman’s Sampler, presented as it has always been, in the Wal-Mart bag with the receipt for the auto parts and sweat pants still inside.

Trust the Manolo, if this happens again this year, your woman, she has died the little inside.

And yes, the Manolo he knows perfectly well that you cannot buy the love, at least not at that price.

Indeed, he also knows that the true love it is not dependent on the giving and the receiving of the gifts, that we should love and be loved irrespective of the quality of the gifts that are involved.

Yet, at the same of the time, it is only natural that we should wish to shower our beloved with those frivolous things which make the life more pleasant, those things which indicate the esteem in which the beloved is held in our hearts,

Thus the Manolo he would urge his men friends to take the time, to spend the little moneys, and to consider carefully that which is to be given. It is most important.


  1. Manolo,
    You are quite right about this information and the way this holiday should be handled. I think it is high time we cast out the anxiety of St. Valentine’s Day and instead rejoice in the fact that we have a holiday celebrating love and give of ourselves to those we love that which is beautiful, tasteful and very elegant.

    To all men out there who think it is possible to skate by with tacky gifts and a cranky attitude on this or any holiday, I have a big tip for you. Listen up and listen carefully. This has become completely unacceptable to all women of any worth and you will become a dating or marriage dinosaur . . .or worse! If your woman is any good she will demand these things or dump you; only the losers settle for less. I do not wish to see you accept this kind of life or fate. Consider this my relationship “stock tip” to you and play “catch up” for the years you goofed the gift for your woman. Do it this very weekend and surprise her with all the love notes and treasures she missed.

    Furs, tasteful statement jewelry, cashmere/ pashmina wraps, giant Tahitian pearls, trips to Paris- France, pink roses and just about anything from Hermes or Cartier should get you back to alpha male status! Send her flowers at work or home every week for a year with a love note written on engraved stationary each time. When the standing bouquet order has run out, let two weeks go by and then bring one final bouquet to her in person and propose by tying a simple band ring inscribed with the words, “I love you more than life, please accept me and be my wife” to the ribbon of the bouquet (Let her pick out the engagement ring/rock later herself) She deserves it and you are capable of more than a Whitman’s Sampler . .so JUST DO IT and get ahead on the road to happiness! My best to you!
    And always remember. . “If you want a woman of substance, thoughtful demeanor and taste, embody those qualities yourself and you will become irresistible to such a lady!

    Comment by Sasha Tong — February 23, 2006 @ 10:59 pm

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